Alarm Systems

Is Your Property Protected? 



Protect your valuables with the latest Alarm System and 24/7 Professional Monitoring.

The purpose of Alarm System is to inform the user and the authorities, in case of an emergency. The alarm control panel sends signals to the Central Monitoring Station.  



Why  TELUS  over others : 

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring & Guard Response - Protect your property with 24/7 professional monitoring and get the guard response service in which the company sends a certified and trained guard to the premises to verify if the alarm is true or false.

  • Geo Fencing - Feature to create a virtual Geo- Fence around your property, so whenever you leave or entre the area , the settings activate.

  • Integrated System - in a single mobile app - Protect your property remotly from your smartphone with instant event notifications, real time HD video , Automatic reminders and much more. 

  • Multiple Location Management Control your Home and Multiple Business Locations all from one security app and feature to add Multiple users. 



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