Home Automation


Control your Home from your Smart Phone 



Managing your home is much easier now. Home automation makes home more comfortable, secure and more convenient .  

Control your home from anywhere with one smart app with the following z- wave devices.  

  • Smart Door Lock 
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart garage door 
  • Smart plug Appliance 
  • Smart Bulb



Why Turn your Home into a Smart Home ?


  • Security and Protection - Get real time alerts and unlock the door for your family members from anywhere with the smart door lock and avoid hassle of extra keys.

  • Save Money & Environment - With the devices like smart thermostat , Bulbs and plug appliance save energy and money on the utility bills.

  • Comfort & Convenience - Control the doors, lights, appliance and adjust temperature from your fingertips 

  • Peace of Mind - No more worrying about the door left unlocked, lights on. Add door/ window sensors, motion sensors , flood sensors to add extra layer of protection 



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