Key Control & Card Access System



What is Key control & Card door access?
When it comes to Safe keyless entries, there are different types of key Controls(fobs) & card door access available in the market. It is the safest way to manage who comes in your property. They are used in both residential and commercial fields. For example: you can give access cards or key fobs to your residents of your buildings or workers of your warehouse.

How Key control & Card door access works?
Almost half of the world is using these kinds of systems already. They work with the electric door/garage door locks combined with the card reader for swipe/tap cards or some kind of  z-wave device to control it from the key fob or even your smart phones or cars. When the card is swiped or the button on your fob is pressed, It send the signal to unlock and automatically lock the door after they pass.


  • Can manage who enters in the building.
  • If a card is lost or the person left the work or residential property, it can easily be disabled and renew a new one so someone can't use that card for entering the property without permission.
  • Can see who entered the building from the tapped card credentials.
  • Easy to carry as it is thin and small.
  • One card/fob can be used at multiple locks/locations which also makes it easy to carry that a bunch of keys.
  • No Physical Interactions(safe in COVID-19)- employees or residents don't have to wait for someone to open the door(usually security guards).
  • Touch less If using the Fob or mobile device/smart watch/etc.




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