Smoke, gas & Water Detection Systems

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Get Help from our Smoke, Fire and water detection systems with or without monitoring to keep your house/Business safe from Fire, Gases or Floods.

Smoke Detector: Keep your house safe from big fires and smokes in advance with our wide range of smoke detectors. Smoke detectors detect the smoke and alert everyone by ringing the sound and if you have monitoring included in the package, it will notify the fire department too. So that they can save your precious property before anything dangerous happens.

 CO Detector: Carbon monoxide Sensors detect the CO gas and notify you and the authorities. CO (Carbon Monoxide) is odorless and tasteless gas but highly flammable and can be poisonous to humans/animals. It can be very dangerous as it can't be detected in anyway other that gas detectors.  CO detectors are one of the must things to be on the property to keep property and lives safe.

Water Detector: Avoid Flooding in your property with the flood sensors as they can detect the still water or leaks in pipes and can avoid a bad damage by notifying you in advance.  They can be installed in basements and in your laundry rooms for best performance.





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