Terms Of Use

 WARRANTY/QSP EXCLUSIONS. Dealer performs warranty services only during Normal Working Hours. IF I REQUEST DEALER TO PERFORM WARRANTY SERVICES OUTSIDE NORMAL WORKING HOURS, I WILL PAY FOR THE SERVICES AT DEALER’S THEN-CURRENT RATES FOR LABOUR AND PARTS. THE LIMITED WARRANTY PROVIDED UNDER THIS CONTRACT AND, IF PURCHASED, THE QSP DO NOT APPLY IF DEALER DETERMINES UPON INSPECTION THAT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS CAUSED THE NEED FOR SERVICE: (A) damage resulting from accidents, theft, Acts of God, natural disasters, labour disputes, war, terrorism, civil strife, electrical surge, alterations or misuse; (B) I fail to properly close or secure a door, window or other point protected by an alarm device; (C) I fail to properly follow the operating instructions; (D) trouble in a telephone line, use of non-traditional telephone line or service (including but not limited to DSL, ADSL, VoIP, digital phone, Internet-based phone, cellular, radio, etc.) or due to interruption of power; (E) repairs needed to window foil, security screens, exterior mounted devices (except for outdoor cameras installed by Dealer) or PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory); (F) ordinary maintenance or wear and tear (not excluded from QSP); (G) alterations to my premises; or (H) alterations or damage to the alarm system caused by me or by a cause beyond Dealer’s control. Dealer will not perform warranty services on any device not installed by Dealer. Battery replacement is excluded from all warranties.


BATTERY-POWERED DEVICES AND WIRELESS DEVICES. I understand that all battery-powered motion detectors, smoke detectors, door and window contact transmitters and other detection sensors installed under this Contract are not connected to the electrical system of my premises and require batteries to operate. THESE BATTERY-POWERED DETECTION SENSORS WILL NOT OPERATE, AND THE ALARM WILL NOT SOUND, IF THE BATTERIES ARE LOW OR DEAD. It is my sole responsibility to maintain and replace these batteries. Dealer recommends that I regularly inspect the sensors for dirt and dust buildup and test the sensors weekly to help maintain continued operation. Dealer also recommends that I carefully read and follow the owner’s manual, instructions and warnings for all equipment. I understand that wireless devices, including but not limited to wireless motion detectors, door and window contacts, smoke detectors and other wireless devices installed by Dealer will not communicate with the alarm system and THE ALARM SYSTEM WILL NOT FUNCTION IF WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FOR THE DEVICES IS IMPAIRED. THESE WIRELESS DEVICES MAY OR MAY NOT USE ENCRYPTION AND/OR AUTHENTICATION TECHNOLOGY AND ARE VULNERABLE TO INTENTIONAL OR UNINTENTIONAL INTERRUPTION, INTERCEPTION, CORRUPTION AND TAMPERING. It is possible for persons with criminal intent to reduce the effectivess of my alarm system, including intercepting or hacking the wirelss signals of my Dealer equipment.